Intensive driving courses in South East London; Dartford, Bexleyheath, Welling and surrounding areas.


As well as normal driving lessons I also offer some intensive learner driving courses. These are designed for people who want to learn to drive but want to take a short space of time to do so.

Intensive courses are designed to give you the same knowledge and driving ability as taking standard lessons, just in a far shorter period of time and if you are suitable to do an intensive driving course they do boast benefits; quick learning time and the overall cost of learning is lessened as fewer hours of driving need to be undertaken.

These basically consist of solid blocks of intensive driving. It must be stressed that intensive driving lessons, are not for everyone as they are, as the name might suggest intensive. So it is necessary to take a specially designed one and half hour assessment driving lesson to see if you are suitable to take an intensive driving course and to determine how many hours you would need.

Below is a basic breakdown of prices for the intensive courses that are available:


Price per Hour
























 1h Warm up


Assessment Lesson

2h hours


All intensive lessons must to be taken in the hours of 10am-4pm, Monday to Friday to secure the above price, if the lessons need to be taken out of those hours an additional charge of £2 per hour will have to be paid.

Practical driving tests can be booked on your behalf at the standard DVSA price of £62.00 weekday price, or £75.00 weekend. See for more information.

Terms and Conditions

  • Assessment Lessons need to be paid on the day of the lesson to the instructor.
  • To secure the course a deposit of £100 is needed.
  • To remain secure the balance of the course will need to be paid a minimum of 10 working days before the beginning of the course.
  • Refunds for pupil cancellation are made according to the following schedule:
    • 21+ working days = 100% refund
    • 15+ working days = 75% refund
    • 10+ working days = 50% refund
    • 5+ working days = 25% refund
  • Once the course has started a refund cannot be offered, the spaces in diaries cannot be filled at short notice.
  • If your instructor cancels the course with at least 1 days notice a full refund will be offered. If the course has already started when the cancellation is made then a full refund on the balance, plus test fee if this has been lost, will be provided.
  • Refunds for cancellation by the DVSA are made according to the following schedule - if the DVSA cancel the driving test, we cannot be held responsible. We will help you to fill out the claim form which will entitle you to a new test date.

Please note that if you do not achieve the level required to pass the test then more lessons can be arranged and your test can be rescheduled to a later date, providing the last cancellation date has not passed.