Do you consider yourself a good driver?

Do you take pride in your driving?

Most people would say yes to that, but ARE YOU? Really?


What do you drive?
...does it matter? long as you've mastered the use of the tools at your disposal, it makes no difference.

Because it is not simply about the tools at your disposal, you need to be able to read the book called “THE ROAD” and its surrounding environment.


Some say experience cannot be taught, but we say experiential knowledge shared, raises your awareness to those little details that you simply would not have any experience of unless you put years of practice or learned by costly mistakes.

We show you what works, how it does and why it does.



What is advanced driving?

It is a safe, thoughtful and planned way of driving. Advanced drivers are more observant and better at anticipating changes in the surrounding conditions. Because of this they are able to plan their driving to deal with any circumstances.

The term 'Dangerous Road' was invented by the media. There aren’t such roads. They can be poorly engineered and badly maintained. They can be subject to adverse weather but this isn't, in itself, dangerous. YOU, the driver make those decisions based on what you know, what you can see and how good your skills are!

We learn all our lives but if we have great teachers and coaches we are inspired and learn much faster.

If everyone used the roads responsibly, knowing how to respond to given circumstances, road collision would be national headline news, just like in aviation.

Would you like to fly with a badly trained and dangerous pilot? Why become a passenger with a bad driver or be one yourself?



Who can learn Advanced Driving?

Anyone. Starting from Provisional Licence holders, although they will have to have the skills level at test standard. They will be able to use Motorways.

Who buys Advanced Driver Coaching?  

Husbands / boyfriends, Wives/ girlfriends would like the “other half’s” to have better skills. Especially that it is very difficult to get along after criticizing each other’s driving. It simply makes life much easier in the long run. Most people like to have peace of mind to know that their spouse is in good hands. No more arguments in the car! It’s worth any price.


Conscious Parents, who want second opinions and improvement in the skill of their children as they fully understand the value of their children’s lives. What are the costs of Advanced Driver Coaching in comparison to health, wellbeing and the humongous cost of insurance once their children crash their cars? Kids, with no experience and peer pressure to show off are simply not aware of any dangers, as they were only learning to pass the Driving Test. These parents don’t want their kids being remembered with flowers on lamp posts. What parent ARE YOU? The one that invest several thousands in the piece of metal that will, sooner or later need replacing or the most important thing in your life..? YOUR CHILDREN... YOUR CHOICE!


Grand Parents with their wisdom and life experience know that investing more in grand kids skills will help them survive and “stay alive”, bringing more joy and not heartache to the family.


All Drivers, Men and Women who know that learning from talented experts can only help them achieve their full potential. People who are fed up with their current driving “Status Quo” and want to learn how to deal with road rage, how to drive and be always in the right place at the right time aka defensively. Want to know about the latest skills and driving techniques.



Advanced Driver Coaching teaches you;

* How to read "body language" of other road users

* Approach bends in the safest yet smoothest way (where most young drivers “loose it”)

* Understand junctions including Roundabouts, make the best progress

* Understand what Micro Climates are and how to drive in all weather conditions

* How to use the car to save fuel and minimise wear and tear (Saving lots of money)

* The Art of Snow Driving (immediate booking required when snow’s being forecast)


You’ll learn all this very quickly on a one to one basis with the Highest Grade Advance Driving Coach whilst having fun and enjoying the freedom of the open road in Kent and surrounding areas.  

Advanced Driver Coaching is open to drivers from any country in the world as long as they have an International Driver Permit or are entitled to drive in the UK.

You could use your own car if you wish.



Gift Vouchers personalised with drivers name will be sent by 1st Class Recorded Delivery Post. Please include delivery address at the time of purchase or send an email to