Female Driving Instructor Offering MANUAL Driving Lessons, Advanced-Defensive-Eco Driving, Intensive Courses and Pass Plus in;


Abbey Wood, Belvedere, Erith, Thamesmead, Plumstead, Woolwich, Dartford, Bexleyheath, Welling.



"Be THE Best YOU Can Be" 


  If you are looking for MANUAL driving lessons from a top female driving instructor  in and around Abbey Wood, Belvedere, Erith, Thamesmead, Plumstead, Woolwich, Dartford, Bexleyheath, Welling and WANT TO PASS YOUR Driving Test FIRST TIME WITH minimum amount of lessons that YOU need,  you have come to the right place.

Driving Lessons also in Polish Language. 


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Based in Belvedere (North Kent, South East London), The 1st London Driving Academy provides driving lessons in Dartford, Bexleyheath, Welling, Abbey Wood, Woolwich, Plumstead, Thamesmead. Pick up points (intensives) can be arranged from the train stations in Abbey Wood, Belvedere, Bexleyheath.


As a member of the RoSPA Advanced Driving Association (Gold Grade) and a DVSA Grade A and grade 6 ADI (highest grade possible only 7% of UK instructors are Grade 6), I know what top driving and teaching to drive is all about and strive to ensure that all my students become the best drivers they can be.

I work with people of all different abilities and with my patient professional approach to instructing, I look to ensure all become safe competent drivers fully capable of dealing with the difficulties in modern day driving.

Of course everybody is an individual, and supported by an extensive range of driver training aids, each driving lesson is planned, suited to your own individual driving abilities, re-enforcing areas which you are confident in and improving weaker areas where confidence will be built. Using this proven method of training and my expert guidance I will see to it that all parts of the practical driving test are covered and mastered, preparing you fully for your practical driving test but above all making you realise what driving a car is about.



The Driving Experience

We must never forget that driving should be enjoyable and everybody learns better when enjoying themselves, so we will always have a fun time when on lessons. Because when we are happy we LEARN more. Even when it's hard it can be Easy when you are happy.

You will be coached to drive on many different roads and traffic conditions, including 70m/h dual carriageways, country lanes and motorways.

I will also teach you "YOUR near future" car TLC, thus reducing the wear and tear, saving you lots of money on maintenance costs.

Refresher Lessons

Refresher lessons are just the thing for you if you’ve passed your test a while back and haven’t had the confidence to go out on your own or didn’t get a car right away and feel that you need a little refresher on how to drive to get regain your confidence, or simply learn how to park the car. You can use your own car provided it’s insured appropriately, or the instructor car.

Fears, Phobias or Anxieties?

If you are afraid of driving, learning to drive, the driving test or have any other fears, phobias, anxieties or PTSD please visit STOP MY FEARS!


Driving Help Videos  All you need to know to pass your driving test.


Free hand-outs and online training resources are provided for every student.  http://www.driveractive.com/


Training Vehicle

Your lessons are delivered in an Air Conditioned VW Polo 1.4TDI with a manual gear box!

Monika D'Agate DVSA ADI A Grade, Thought Field Therapy ALG



Best Driving school in Bexley London

Best Driving school in Bexley London
Best Driving school in Bexley London